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Our dedication to quality and superb execution allows us to deliver efficient software solutions

software development

Software development

We build functional, multi-platform software products by harnessing the power of the technologies we have deep expertise in. Our teams use Agile methodology to rapidly deliver on your specifications. To ensure high quality and efficient delivery, all the aspects of development - from design to implementation, are handled in-house. In the end you receive a unique, highly-effective software solution for your business.



Redesigning of business processes through digital transformation is crucial for every organization in order to ensure long-term competitiveness. Use our expertise in technology to define your technological strategy. By analyzing your organization's processes and needs, we can help you choose the right set of technologies and implementations that will let you meet your goals in the most efficient, cost-effective way.



Our advantageous location (Europe, Bulgaria), competitive rates, low taxes and access to top talent makes us a great partner for developing your organization's IT infrastructure. We help your business grow sustainably, ensuring timely delivery and constant availability, helping you focus on core business needs and let us handle your technological needs. With us, your organization will awlays stay up to date with the most recent technologies.

We help you meet your goals


Learning from best practices and constantly improving the work process, Centroida is fanatical about the quality of the product it delivers. From a single module to an entire product, we oversee carefully every moment of production, scrutinize and test in detail. At the end of the day our client receives a powerful and stable product.


Sometimes miscommunication can lead to the beginning of wars. That’s why Centroida makes sure it communicates with its client effectively, on a day-to-day basis. We ensure a constant flow of information and feedback so you can feel updated on what’s going on with your project. If you’re paying us, you deserve to have full transparency and to know where your money is going.


At Centroida, we know that your business is different from others. You need a solution tailored to the characteristics of your business and industry. So we don’t take existing templates or archaic technology just to slam a few pieces of code together. We are at the head of the current, employing newest technologies and development methodologies.


Everything we do is focused on the long-term. We want to build long-lasting relationships with our clients and grow together with them. That's why we always aim to act in our client's best interests. Our reputation is dependent on how you are performing after working with us. We go out of our way to ensure that our partners are satisfied with the work we do.

Our software is built on powerful technologies

Amazon AWS