What is CentroUI?

CentroUI is a set of UI components and utilities for building interfaces for WebVR applications. Based on React VR, CentroUI gives developers plug-and-play text input controls, cards, lists, navigation items and grids, all built with cross-device and cross-browser compatibility to ensure consistent experience with any environment and device.

Reusable and extendable

CentroUI is made to empower developers to quickly build and prototype the interface of their WebVR application. CentroUI's documentation makes it easy to learn and the API allows for easy customization and extensibility.

Built for VR

Designed from the very beginning to be used in WebVR, CentroUI's made to they provide the best user experience and interaction. Each of the components is placed in the 3D space according to its context and usage, fully utilizing the 3D space provided in WebVR.


Cross-device and cross-browser compatibility is a must when building for WebVR. CentroUI comes with its own raycaster that is buil to allow users to interact with CentroUI's components no matter from what device the WebVR application is launched from.

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